The Cabaret Cathedral is built with 24 standard 20ft containers stacked three high. This configuration allows for maximum audience capacity, a grand entrance, two custom bars and an aerial circus operations area. The audience arrives through a grand entrance through two sets of 2.4m double doors under a custom scaffold platform that houses the main production operations area.
  • Width - External      19.5m
    Length - External    18.5m
    Width - Internal       14.6m
    Length - Internal     13.6m
    Height - at peak      12.6m
    Height - at sides       8.8m
    Height - Grid truss    8.3m


    The stage is built using a combination of custom sprung stage decks and a scaffold frame. This allows the stage to be reconfigured easily depending on show requirements. The Cabaret Cathedral stage is currently configured in two main sections, the main stage is built over two levels totalling 28 sq mtrs. There is a vertical stage encompassing three levels with 15 bays, 1.4 sq mtrs each, plus a basement level that is used for access to backstage and the stairway to the upper levels.

    • Level One Main Stage

      Height -                            780mm (from ground level)
      Thrust -                            2.5 x 1.2m
      Front diamond -               1.8 x 1.8m
      Diagonal Runways -         1.2 x 6m (each leading to op + pr stage access treads.)

    • Level Two Main Stage

      Level two of the main stage incorporates a custom piano prop that is used for performance and is raised to be equal with the first level of   the vertical stage. There is also a custom set of stairs built to wrap around the piano and allow entry and exit to the central box of the first level at a height of 920mm above the second level of the main stage and 2.2m above the audience. 

      Height -                           1280mm (from ground level)
      500mm (from level one)
      Depth -                            3.5m
      Width -                            5.5m
      Piano Prop -                    1.5sq mtrs @ 920mm High

    • Vertical Stage

      Each level of the vertical stage contains 5 separately curtained boxes. They rise above the stage in sections 2m high.

      Total width -                    6.3m
      Box width -                      1.2m
      Box Depth -                     1.2m
      Stair way rise -                2m
      Stair way traverse -        635mm
      Stair tread width -          635mm
      Total stair depth -           1271mm
      Total bay width -             3.8m
      Level 1 height -               2.2m
      Level 2 height -              4.2m
      Level 3 height -              6.2m
  • Truss and Rigging

The Cabaret Cathedral has a remarkable capacity for rigging with Four main “coat hanger” sections of 500mm aluminium box truss comprising the main span. Each span is then linked with 300mm tri truss to create a spine and a peak. The vertical stage also allows walk up access to the upper grid including a custom rigging level at 8.5m which gives direct access for aerial performance and maintenance.

  • Truss load capacity - 5kn centre point load per “coat hanger” section
  • Total loading on the upper grid truss with even distribution total 20kn live load.
  • Grid height - 8.2m
  • Width span 500mm box truss main - 14.6m
  • Central spine x 3 sections 300mm tri truss - 5.5m (total internal central span = 18m)        

At the Cabaret Cathedral we have designed a bespoke aerial circus rigging system that is designed to operate from a central location but allow aerial performance in multiple locations. These systems are operated by an aerial performance rigger and allow for 1.1 aerial line height of 9m.

  • Total aerial rigging points -                                 5
  • Clear aerial height fromlower stage level -      7.5m
  • Total Aerial line height -                                      11.5m
  • Aerial counterweight truss height -                     9m
  • Aerial line max lift height - 1-1 ratio                     9m
  • Aerial l line max lift height - 2-1 ratio                  4.5m
  • Aerial line max lift height - 3-1 ratio                    3m @max 1.5kn

    The seating configuration has been designed to allow for maximum allocation whilst ensuring every seat has maximum views of the stage and performance. Using bench seats allows the venue to maximise space with a maximum row length of 10mtrs.
    • Total house capacity -       250ppl
    • Max row length -               10m
    • Min egress isle -                1.1m
    • Entry / Foyer area   4.9m x 2.4m
    • Access to 8 x 20ft shipping containers on ground level = 108 sq mtrs of storage
    • FOH entrance/exit main -            4.8m
    • FOH egress only side -                1.5m
    • BOH entrance/exit -                    2.4m
    • All entrances and exits height -    2.4m
    • Control room location, capacity, & specs
      Control platform
      Height -                  2.4m
      Width -                    2.4m
      Length -                  4.8m
      Control access -      Ladder
      Cable access -        Cable way over grid truss or around container perimeter.
    • Power access (for lighting, audio, and back up)
      Total power draw of cabaret cathedral site - 140amps
    • Amps / dimmers and power distribution is accessed via backstage under main stage second level. Cable access under containers from power lock distribution generator or hard wire.
    • 4 x 8kw reverse cycle custom plates at a height of 2.4m
    • The building of the Cabaret Cathedral is weather dependant but can be complete and ready for rehearsals in a minimum of 7 days. Access for semi trailers, cranes and heavy equipment is crucial. The bottom level of containers contains the equipment used to build the stage and roof as well as costume and props. This maximises efficiency and minimises trucks needed to deliver the venue to any site.